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How did Mr Crazes fund raising paddle go?

Over the Easter Holidays Mr Craze paddled 125 miles in the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. His goal was to stay in his boat, finish the race and raise £1250 for the school Duke of Edinburgh Award.

As well as staff and pupils, over 70 people from as far afield as Scotland, Wales and Cornwall supported Mr Craze and helped raise money for Rowdeford School. THANKS to all those people;

We have raised  £1493.74.  This has enabled new tents to be bought for the DofE group, here are the students putting up the new tents;





Recent feedback received in response to training at Rowdeford School:

I just wanted to email in response to the training on Tuesday. In a nutshell, I quite simply do not have a wide enough vocabulary to say how brilliant Tuesday was. The training was of course excellent, and it is always lovely to know that I’m doing ok and am on track! However, it was the overall feel of the day that simply blew me away and has left me desperate for a quiet moment so that I could reflect and compose an email to you.

The welcome we received from your children and staff was incredible. Being in the resource base and often having visitors in the classroom and knowing how disruptive that can sometimes be to the overall flow of the day or a session, it was wonderful to be invited in and so willingly. The staff have a huge wealth of experience and for them to take the time and the effort to share it with others is so appreciated.

The children are an absolute credit to the hard work, determination and passion you all have for your jobs. I was quite nervous about spending time with older children as my children are all so much younger, and smaller! However, by the end of the day I did not want to leave. I had so much fun sharing learning with them, and learning alongside them. The attitude of the children towards their learning was so clearly positive, and their behaviour was incredible. Any children that were having a wobble were so brilliantly supported and it was dealt with calmly, carefully and incredibly effectively. It is so clear how well that your staff know each and every child and which strategies to employ to support them all.

I absolutely adore my job, and it was evident that all of you adore your jobs too. Never before have I left a course feeling so inspired (and tempted to look at the job vacancies page!) and that is all down to how wonderfully presented, welcoming and supportive the course, staff and children all were to our presence.

I’m in awe of you all!

Very kindest regards,


SENCO, Wansdyke School

VbE Audit report

We are delighted to announce that Rowdeford School has achieved the International Values-Based Education Quality Mark.

Please click here to see the full report.


Bad Weather Information 

Dear Parents/Carers, 

We make every attempt to keep the school open. However, the safety of pupils and staff is paramount and we are guided by the weather warnings issued by the Met Office. School closures are not taken lightly and will be discussed and agreed by the Senior Leadership Team in conjunction with the Chair of Governors. If the decision is made to close the school, we aim to give as much notice to parents as possible using the following methods:

  • Send a message via Home Contact
  • Update our website accordingly (
  • Broadcast on the following Local Radio stations: BBC Radio Wiltshire; Heart FM; Spire FM

If it becomes apparent during the course of a school day that pupils need to leave before 3pm, we liaise closely with Passenger Transport and, as well as the communication methods detailed above, aim to telephone parents and carers to advise an early departure in order to ensure arrangements can be made to receive the pupil when they arrive home.

Useful Information

Please take a look at the following useful links:

Young carers’ draft regulations
Draft regulations a
re in place to support young carers and their families. The DfE consultation is open until 29 January 2015.

New easy-read guides for Special Educational Needs
The Department for Education has worked with Mencap to publish easy-read guides for young people with SEN and their parents that explain the reforms to the system.

SEN implementation grant allocations by local authority
Local Authorities are to receive further funding from the DfE to help implement the changes to the SEN and disability system.

Implementation of the disability and special educational needs reforms
Ofsted published its Evaluation of local areas’ readiness for the implementation of the disability and special educational needs reforms as set out in the Children and Families Act 2014 recommending the introduction of accountability measures to monitor the impact of the reforms.

Funding boost for ‘life-changing’ SEN reforms
Edward Timpson, Children and Families Minister, has invited Ofsted to formally inspect local areas on their effectiveness in fulfilling their new duties.

E Safety

For E-Safety news and information please click on the link below:

Cooking and Nutrition - Lets Get Cookng

Do you love your child coming home from school with something yummy?

Would you like to have a go at making it with your child?

The website below shows the receipes and cooking tips too! 

Eco News

The Rowdeford School Green team are pleased to announce that we have
achieved the Bronze Eco Schools Award and are well on our way to

We have a biomass boiler! The boiler will burn sustainably
sourced wood.  That means when the trees are cut down new trees are
planted.  Because trees use carbon while they grow, the new boiler will
be 'carbon neutral'.  This means it will be A LOT better for the
environment than the old one.  It will also save the school money.

To get Bronze Award the team have carried out an Environmental Audit
with the help of the Year 10 ASDAN Environmental group.  They have come
up with actions to make the school more environmentally friendly and
have written a School Eco Code.  Tina Osborne, our old Business Manager
helped a lot with the Award by working with the School Council and
helping the school reduce energy use as part of the Low Carbon Schools

Next year we are planning to do more work on reducing our use of
energy, improving our school grounds and living more healthily.  What
can you do to help at school and at home?